The holiday hamper has made a successful comeback! It was a staple in the early 50s then tapered off. In the recent 80s, it started becoming the norm again. More and more corporate entities are seeing the wisdom behind the Holiday Hamper. Let’s hope that you’re one of them!

What is a holiday hamper?

In the simplest definition, it is a wonderful goodie basket that you give to your employees come the holiday season. You can think of it as an extra Christmas gift for your employees if you want.

If you’re not keen with the idea of spending money on a gift on your employees, let us tickle your brain as to why the holiday hamper has made a comeback.

Benefits of giving a holiday hamper

Employee engagement

One way to hurt your relationship with your employees is by being the entity behind the corporate wall. A great way to break that wall is through a thoughtful holiday hamper. Most employees who work for a company that has a holiday hamper are reportedly happier and are more inclined to stay on.

It doesn’t take a lot to say thank you to your employees. Nothing perks up employees like the knowledge that they are appreciated. When employees feel that they are acknowledged and cared for, they work harder.

In doing so, they spend less time dawdling and spend more time working. This means more revenue for the company.

Corporate practicality

It is without question that when the holiday hamper comprises of edible goodies, it is sure to be used. You’re lessening the waste of unused holiday gifts.

Most holiday hampers can be ordered online. This saves time and if you’re looking at a good website, there will be major deals involved. So not only are you saving time, you’re saving money as well.

So in truth, you spend a little to gain more in return

By creating and giving away holiday hampers to your employees, you’re killing several birds with one stone. Not only do you cultivate a happy workforce, build a positive company image, but you also save time and money.