With the holidays rapidly approaching, a good boss will often worry about how they can strike up the balance between the festive season and work. It is, after all, quite important for the leader (that’s you, boss!) to suitably guide their teams toward their end-year goals. At the same time, it is important to provide the employees with enough leeway so that they can enjoy the holidays.

Why is it important to be a good boss over the holiday?

It’s good that you ask! Employees are the lifeblood of your business. If you want to keep your workforce, it’s important to be a good boss over the holidays! Christmas season is the best time to show your employees that you are not just their boss. You can show them that you’re a living, breathing human who can compromise and appreciate the holidays!

Work/Life balance is quite important. If you end up burning out your employees during this crucial time in the year, you can expect resignations to come in when January starts. No business owner wants that and we don’t want that for you as well. In light of that, we’ll be discussing some ways you can be a good boss over the holidays!

Are you throwing a holiday party? Leave early!

We’re quite serious about it. A good boss will arrive early, mingle, hand out awards, eat, and leave. What’s the logic behind this, you may ask?

No one really wants to hang out with the boss. There is a fine line between being pleasant with the boss and outright brownnosing. When you’re around, your employees will have to be on their best behavior. We don’t think anyone would want to be fired during the holiday party, after all.

Leaving early will help your employees relax and bond together. Think of it this way, you’ve thrown a lovely party for your workforce and now you have the rest of the evening free for whatever you want to do!

Never forget the holiday hampers!

If your company is handing out holiday hampers—and we certainly hope you are—don’t forget to hand them out sometime within the evening of the party. Or better yet, hand them out the day before the party. That way, your employees don’t have anything excessive to carry home. The holiday party is a great time to be a little bit tipsy on company dime.

So be a thoughtful boss and hand out the holiday hampers at the right moment.

Please, don’t hand out work on Christmas Eve/Day

Unless it’s a life or death emergency, do not assign any tasks to be turned in on Christmas Eve or Christmas day itself. Everyone will want to be relax and enjoy their personal festivities; not slaving over the home work station.

If you wouldn’t want to work on the middle of the holidays, why would you subject your employees to that?

By keeping the tips above in mind as the holidays approach, you can build better relationships with your employees and gain the rep of a good boss!