In our years in the biz, the fairly constant questions we’ve received about Holiday Hampers fall under these lines:

  • My employees are mixed in gender
  • Some employees don’t celebrate Christmas
  • Is wine an appropriate part of the holiday hamper

Today, we give you the right tips to making a tasteful holiday hamper.

What is a “tasteful” holiday hamper?

It is a holiday giveaway that isn’t complicated and doesn’t give anyone special treatment. When building a Christmas basket, a good point to remember is to never over think the thing.

When building your holiday hamper remember that:

Less is more

Hampers do not need to be ostentatious. Something simple often does the trick better. When you splurge on the holiday basket, some grumpy employees may wonder if they can just opt for the cash spent on the holiday basket.

Choose genderless products

If you’re thinking of adding makeup to your holiday basket, don’t. Of course, unless if your employee base is 100% female—then by all means, go right ahead!

However, if your employee pool is mixed in gender, it is usually smarter to get things that both sexes can use suitably like food. You can never really go wrong with food.

Avoid culturally insensitive items

Work with HR in finding out what religions are in your employee pool. That way you’ll have a good idea on what is appropriate. If they are only a few, it would only take a few moments to have HR opt out certain items.

The personal touch will certainly not be missed by your employees.

If the work is too much, get help!

If you find that your HR department isn’t as well-versed in the gift-giving as you’d hope, there is no need to fret. Online business like ours are made to help out those who cannot suitably build their holiday hampers.

You can take a page out of our many deals and packages to come up with a tasteful holiday basket to suitably satisfy your employees.

When it comes to holiday hampers, there is no one else who knows the biz like we do.