Are you throwing a Christmas shindig for your employees? That’s wonderful! Let us be the first to tell you that you’re an amazing boss!

Now on to the topic of the party! You may have the venue, music, and food down to pat—but what about the games? Yes, every party needs games! If you aren’t familiar with Christmas games that aren’t too juvenile, let us help you with that!

Here are some adult Christmas games you can play at your holiday party:

Christmas “Who Has” List

This is one is a great ice breaker for parties! The rules are fairly simple. You provide your employees with a printed worksheet. No, this isn’t more work. What they’ll find is a sort of checklist. For example:

Who has…given out socks as a present?
Who has…consumed more than three glasses of eggnog in one hour?

The employees will need to find someone who fits the description and have that someone sign the item on the list. It’s a great way to form laughs and make employees be honest about their Christmas blurbs! It’s a fairly simple but highly effective manner of getting your employees to interact with one another. You can even turn it into a competition of sorts. The first one to get a complete list full of signatures gets a prize!

What’s that Christmas Carol?

A great way to form bonds between employees is by having them work together. You can have your employees form into different teams. Have a representative step up for every round and have them identify a played Christmas carol. The one who can give the correct answer earns a point for their team.

You can have the winning team win a prize. You can even add a twist by having all the team with the lowest score have to do a consequence!

Build Me a Burger

This requires the involvement of the boss, making it a good way to foster goodwill between the admin and the workforce. Have the employees put labeled post-its on their back. Break them up into teams. On the post-it will be a particular ingredient that would go toward a burger.

The boss then orders a burger from the ‘menu’ (provided for by the host, usually). The employees will need to “build” a burger by sticking the right ingredients together in the proper order.

Some extra tips:

  • Make sure there are equal number of ‘ingredients’ per team
  • Have some blank post-its and a marker handy for “off menu” orders.

Things to remember:

Make the games fun yet tasteful

No one wants to get harassed during a company game. If anyone is clearly uncomfortable, be flexible and let them sit out an event or game.

Don’t forget to give out the holiday hampers!

Trust us when we say that everyone is waiting for the holiday hampers to make an appearance! Before the night ends, be sure that HR dutifully gives out a hamper to all employees (that includes them, too!)

Other than that, make use of the games above and have yourself a fabulous holiday party!